Anticellulite Endermologie

It is one of the best, most popular and most desired ways to get rid of cellulite and to give shape your figure. The method is characterised by its natural and effective way of reducing fat in parts of the body which are resistant to exercise or diet; moreover, it isn't invasive for our organic structure.

Endermology is a patented process which uses a special device which develops a ruck of skin under pressure further to which the ruck is massaged by two rollers moving at different speeds and in different directions. These rollers are placed in a hermetic chamber.

The effects of this treatment are fantastic. It stimulates blood circulation, it eliminates toxins in the body, loosens the structure of the connective tissue, it awakens the synthesis of collagen, it reduces the retention of water and increases the lypolisys in the fat tissue; in the process, the massage helps you to relax perfectly and get you into a good mood.
Endermologie is used in Polish beauty parlours, including SPAandGO in Warsaw, for 6 six years. The number of people that have used this treatment has already passed the 140 million mark.

Scientific proof of the effectiveness of endermology helps when it is observed that.

  • the firmness of the skin is reduced,
  • fat resistance to diet or physical exercise is reduced,
  • cellulite (the biggest effect of the treatment)
  • endermology is perfect for woman after their pregnancy who want to regain their earlier figure.
  • the good sides of this treatment could be also appreciated by men who can be helped in reducing excessive fat on their backs or stomachs.

The treatment is also helpful in curing:

  • scars,
  • back pain,
  • insufficiency of veins or swellings
  • Endermologie is also recommended for people who have had skin transplants

The best results are noticed after about 14 to 20 treatments lasting 35 minutes up to twice a week.


  • hernia
  • varicose veins
  • hemangiomas
  • phlebitis
  • cancer/tumor
  • skin damage
  • not recommended for people who take medications for blood clotting
  • not recommended for women within 4 months of giving natural birth or 6 months after a caesarean.

40 min. treatment

Single treatment

150 zł 40 min.


1400 zł 10 treatments


2400 zł 20 treatments

60 minutes treatments


200 zł 60 min.


1900 zł 10 treatments


3400 zł 20 treatments.