Undesired hair has been a problem for women since ancient times. This is where the oldest way of getting rid of unwanted hair comes from, specifically by using wax. Although there are many ways of waxing, many people stay with the traditional method. The method of using warm wax is very effective for depilating excessive hair. During the treatment most of the hair is pulled out with its roots, due to which it grows back slower than after using different methods The treatment should be done every three to six weeks, but of course it is an individual choice.

Here are some advantages of waxing.

  • it allows getting rid of hair from large parts of the body.
  • can be used on any part of the body which needs waxing
  • frequent treatment radically weakens the hair,
  • the treatment is cheap
  • after the treatment the skin is nicer and smoother than after using a simple razor.

Strip waxing

Strip waxing is a traditional method of hair removal with soft wax. It's a perfect method of getting rid of hair from bigger parts of the body such as calves, thighs and back. The soft wax is known for its characteristic adhesion to the skin and hair , thanks to which the hair removal is fast, effective and the skin afterwards is soft as velvet. The ‘Depileve’ brand wax used in our salon contains over 70% of natural pine resin.

'Depileve' wax, as opposed to other waxes on the market, contains a high percentage of resin from the best species of pine, proven by world experts, which is characterized by its perfect adhesion and viscosity. The resin helps attain the appropriate temperature for the aplication and the precise removal of the shortest hair (even half a millimetre long).
Besides its 70% natural resin content, 'Depileve' wax contains plant extracts of azulene, lavender, shea butter , olive oil and other beneficial ingredients; this makes the 'Depileve' a bespoke hair removal treatment adaptable to the individual needs of even the most delicate and sensitive skin.

After the treatment we recommend using special ‘Depilve’ brand foams and ampoules which retard hair growth.

  • Strip waxing
  • face (one part) 20 zł
  • calfes 60 zł
  • thigs 70 zł
  • legs 120 zł
  • bikini 60 zł-80 zł
  • brasilian bikini 100 zł
  • legs +bikini 160 zł -180 zł
  • legs +brasilian bikini 200 zł
  • underarms 50 zł
  • forearms 50 zł
  • arms 80 zł
  • backs 70-100 zł
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Strip-less waxing

On a prepared skin we thickly apply a ductile wax from the 'Film Wax' brand range. Next we firmly remove it with the hair in it. Strip-less waxing with 'Film Wax' is a method used to remove hair for more problematic areas such as bikini, armpits, moustache and chest. This method removes with its follicles even the most resistant hair- hard and short and strengthened by shaving. As the 'Film Wax' product sticks only to the hair, there is no danger of rupture of the epidermis. 'Film Wax' is a ductile product which successfully erases even the most disturbing hair no matter what type. The wax keeps it flexibility even after cooling down on the skin.

After the treatment we recommend using special ‘Depilve’ brand foams and ampoules which retard hair growth.

  • Strip-less waxing
  • bikini 80 zł - 100 zł
    brasilian bikini 120 zł
    legs+bikini 180 zł-200 zł.
    legs+brasilian bikini 220 zł
    underarms 70 zł
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